The Only Automation Tool You Will Ever Need

Testmate is a vbscript based, framework ready automation tool. It is a wrapper written in C# around various API’s  available for automation. With its unique features like InstaCoding and Run From Step ( Even for selenium webdriver ) makes automation easier and quicker than the existing automation tools. For more highlights on the tool see below.

It also provides default reporting with screenshots in HTML format. Checkout for more details

To start with Testmate, basic VB script knowledge  is required. Considering  the user is aware of basic VB Script programming, it takes only  half an hour to get started.


  1. Desktop Applications: Win32 and .Net (UI Automation)
  2. Web Browser: Powered by selenium webdriver
  3. Mobile: Powered by Appium
  4. External DLL and  Windows API’s
  5. COM Support
  6. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 
  7. Images
  8. Run From Command-Line (Invisible Mode)
  9. Regular Expressions
  10. HTML Reports (With Screenshots)
  11. Inbuilt OR (XML Object Repository)
  12. Batch Run
  13. Multiple Instances
  14. Headless Browsers
  15. Standalone (No Installation Required)
  16. Set Default Root (To speed Up Execution For UIA)
  17. Syntax Check
  18. Method Hints (On Mouse over)
  19. Libraries
  20. Object Highlighting On Screen
  21. Mouse and key simulation